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  • Hearing aid care products
    For better hearing health care
  • Impression materials
    Remarkable ear impression and exceptional reproduction
  • Laboratory supplies
    Revolutionary systems, necessary for specialists
    designed to maintain the efficiency and reliability
    of hearing aids.
  • TV listening devices
    Thanks to my Swing, I hear a pure and clear
    sound from my favorite TV show!
Swing Digital

Swing Digital

MODEL A-4131-0

Stethoscopic receiver

Frequency modulated wireless amplification system for television viewing.

Listen to your favorite shows at the volume you want, with unmatched comfort and uncompromising comfort. The Swing Digital opens up new possibilities for the audio transmission of televisions, hi-fi systems, computers or other underchin (stetho) receiver media.

  • Wireless FM amplification system for television viewing
  • Ergonomic stethoscopic receiver with standard and small silicone ear adapters
  • Volume up to 125 dBA
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 3.5 mm stereo line jack, 3.5 mm mono microphone jack, Toslink and RCA adapter input
  • Additional Transducer Receiver (Model A-4156-0)