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Signolux Traveler Set

Signolux Traveler Set

MODEL A-262810

Signolux Traveler Set 

The «Traveler Set» becomes active without effort: Plug the alarm clock and the Alarmo in - and the devices are connected.

«Traveler Set» in a convenient soft-case for the road: portable, secure and active in an instant.

The «Traveler Set» consists of the following transmitter- and receiver components of the Signolux alerting system: 

  • The door hanger shows visitors or service personell that you do not want to be disturbed - or that they may ring the doorbell.
  • The wireless call button is your doorbell. It is equipped with a velcro backing so that it can be fixed to the door hanger in an instant. It transmits the ring signal to the alarm clock.
  • The signolux receiver alarm clock is a convenient digital alarm clock and serves as a receiver for incoming calls and alerts. These are displayed through bright lights, illuminated icons and strong sounds.
  • The vibrating pad: If preferred, wake-up calls and events can be felt by vibration - just connect the vibrating pad with the receiver alarm clock.
  • The alarm monitor: The alarm monitor »alarmo« is also part of the »Traveler Set«. It scans the environmental sounds for tone patterns which are typical for smoke detectors and fire alarm systems of all kind. If it recognises an according alarm tone, a signal is sent to the receiver alarm clock