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TA-2 inline telephone amplifier

TA-2 inline telephone amplifier

MODEL A-4512-0

Your telephone and the TA-2 – the perfect combination for relaxed phone calls.

Place the steadfast TA-2 beside your telephone and connect it between the receiver and the telephone base unit. You can start making phone calls straight away, without any hassle. Hear everything clearly and listen at a volume setting that suits you!

The TA-2 inline telephone amplifier for people with light to medium-grade hearing impairments at a glance:

  • Can be connected to all contemporary, stationary telephones with a standard plug connection between the telephone and receiver
  • Gradually adjustable amplification directly to the receiver
  • Amplification up to + 35 dB
  • Treble/bass control
  • Can be operated on a 230 V power supply unit or with batteries
  • 3.5 mm audio output jack for neckloop, binaural/monaural cables or headphone connection
  • Direct transmission to hearing aids via audio boot
  • Can be combined with other accessory systems, such as infrared, radio or room loop transmission systems