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Smart Shaker 3

Smart Shaker 3

MODEL A-3351-0

Bluetooth vibrating pad – wireless control via smartphone app

Do you use your smartphone as an alarm clock, but its vibrations are not strong enough for you? «Smart Shaker 3» is a rechargeable independent app-controlled vibrating pad, on which waking alarm times can be programmed individually for each day of the week and stored over a Bluetooth connection. 

Once set up, the «Smart Shaker 3» will punctually wake you with its strong vibrations. Five diffent levels of strength are selectable. A connection with the smartphone is, basically, only necessary when setting the waking times.

However, if the Bluetooth connection is kept active, the «Smart Shaker 3» will also inform you of incoming messages and phone calls. The vibrating notification can be toggled for each messenger service individually.

The necessary app «Smart Shaker 3» is available for Android and iOS in the according app stores, free of cost.