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  • Hearing aid care products
    For better hearing health care
  • Impression materials
    Remarkable ear impression and exceptional reproduction
  • Laboratory supplies
    Revolutionary systems, necessary for specialists
    designed to maintain the efficiency and reliability
    of hearing aids.
  • TV listening devices
    Thanks to my Swing, I hear a pure and clear
    sound from my favorite TV show!
Time Flash

Time Flash

MODEL A-3142-0

Flashing alarm clock

  • Wakes you up with a powerful flashing lamp and acoustic alarm
  • Snooze function
  • Features a connector for signal indication modules (see accessories): flash module, acoustic module and vibrating pad
  • Ten different alarm melodies
  • Alarm status display (illuminated snooze button)
  • Analogue quartz movement with a second hand
  • Backup battery power supply in case of power failure
  • Clock-face illumination with automatic shut-off, lit during alarms
  • Telephone connector (incoming calls are indicated by flash and sound)