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  • Hearing aid care products
    For better hearing health care
  • Impression materials
    Remarkable ear impression and exceptional reproduction
  • Laboratory supplies
    Revolutionary systems, necessary for specialists
    designed to maintain the efficiency and reliability
    of hearing aids.
  • TV listening devices
    Thanks to my Swing, I hear a pure and clear
    sound from my favorite TV show!
Swing Digital LR

Swing Digital LR

MODEL A-4136-0

Neckloop receiver

Listen to your favorite shows at the volume you want, with unmatched comfort. The swing digital LR opens up new possibilities for the audio transmission of televisions, hi-fi systems, computers or other media by magnetic necklace or earphones.

  • Frequency modulated wireless amplification system for television viewing
  • Receiver with integrated neckloop
  • Volume up to 125 dBA
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 3.5 mm stereo line jack, mono 3.5 mm microphone jack, Toslink and RCA adapter input  

Casque d'écoute binaural supra-auriculaire serre-nuque avec fil


Binaural headset on-ear behind the-neck with wire.

Casque d'écoute stéréo binaural supra-auriculaire fermé


A binaural stereo headset on-ear (shell covering the entire ear) with adjustable hoop.

Contrôle de l’environnement 915 MHz


Binaural headset on-ear with adjustable hoop.

Écouteurs pour enfants


On-ear audio headset for kids made especially for small heads.

  • Additional Transducer Receiver (Model A-4161-0)